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Tusah Taekwondo Forearm Pads WT Approved TKD Unisex

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WT APPROVED Taekwondo ForearmThis Tusah branded WT approved forearm guard provides strong protection for the

forearm preventing serious injuries during competition and training.WT APPROVED TAEKWONDO FOREARM (DESCRIPTION)

The WT APPROVED Taekwondo Forearm In White, is WT and CE Approved. PU

compressed sponge construction has been used to make this WT Approved Taekwondo

forearm light weight and flexibile. The forearm provides the wearer with full

forearm protection, whilst also ensuring a full range of movement. Two

adjustable velcro straps have been attached to the forearm guard to ensure

maximum comfort and a tight fit. This forearm protector ensures maximum coverage

and is perfect for blocking and defending. The construction ensures that the

Tusah Forearm is always in close contact with the skin allowing for a better

point of impact dispersion forces.WT APPROVED TAEKWONDO FOREARM (SIZING)

Available in sizes: extra extra small – extra large

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