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Xootz Flicker Pulse Scooter Black White

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SKU: TY6042W

The Xootz Pulse Scooter gives the rider a fun and exciting ride that is great
for keeping active.

Instead of pushing yourself along with one foot like a conventional scooter,
this is operated by sliding your feet and swivelling your hips from side-to-side
which will move it forward.

With this design, it allows for fun drifting and easy turns that create a quirky
way of getting around while providing a low impact exercise for them as they
take in the fresh air.

The three wheels provide the scooter with added stability and the front hand
brake makes it easy for the rider to stop, which together make the ride safer.

The handlebar is adjustable which means that it can be used by your child as
they grow and with its sturdy steel construction it can withstand whatever your
kids throw at it.

For added convenience, this scooter folds down for easy transportation which
means that you can take it with you in the car if you wanted to plan any
get-aways and deploy it at a moments notice for a fun and active way to enjoy
the sun

*Please note that this scooter is not suitable for children under the age of 5
years and the maximum user weight should not exceed 50kgs (110lbs)

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