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Victor MP 160 Squash Racket

Victor MP 160 Squash Racket

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The MP 160 is engineered in Germany by Victor, suited to attacking players looking for a combination of attack and speed within their game.

The racket is lightweight and the newest in the MP series. Made from ultra-high modulus graphite and a head size of 500cm2, the slim teardrop shape reduces air resistance meaning the racket can act dynamically during every swing. It is the professional squash association suggested length of 27”, weighing around 130g allowing for greater control. A head heavy design and balance point of 360mm gives enhanced power. Multifilament string is used, following a 14 x 18 stringing template with a maximum stringing tension of 12kg. The tighter stringing pattern allows the ball to still be easily controlled.

It follows a green and black colour scheme.


·         Material                                                   Ultra Hi Modulus Graphite

·         Colour                            Green, Black

·         Head Shape                                            Teardrop

·         Head Size                          Approx. 500cm2

·         Weight                            Approx. 130g   

·         Length                            Approx. 27”

·         Balance                           Approx. 360mm

·         Maximum Stringing Tension             12kg.

·         String Pattern                       14 x 18 Template

·         String                                                 Multifilament String  

·         Game Type                         Attack/Speed     

·         Extras                            Engineered in Germany

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