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Victor MP 120 Squash Racket

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The MP 120 is engineered in Germany by Victor. It is suited for all-round players looking for a combination of control and speed.

Made from 100% high modulus graphite with a white colour scheme, it is very cost effective being Victors best valued squash racket. The classic teardrop head shape roughly 503cm2 in diameter allows for a larger sweet spot improving control. It is the professional squash association suggested length of 27”, with a stiff shaft increasing the feel during impact with the ball. It weighs around 140g and is a head heavy design with a balance point at 370mm allowing greater power. Multifilament string is used, following a 12 x 18 stringing pattern with a maximum stringing tension of 12kg.

It is perfect for club and recreational players, a ¾ racket bag is issued as standard.


·         Material                                                    100% High Modulus Graphite

·         Colour                            White

·         Head Shape                                              Teardrop

·         Head Size                                                 Approx. 503cm2

·         Weight                                                      Approx. 140g   

·         Length                            Approx. 27”

·         Balance                                                    Approx. 370mm

·         Maximum Stringing Tension              12kg.

·         String Pattern                       12 x 18 Template

·         String                                                       Multifilament String

·         Game Type                         All-round Speed      

·         Bag                               ¾ Racket bag

·         Extras                                                      Engineered in Germany

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