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TUFF Muay Thai Boxing Shorts Retro Style Black Singha Yantra with War Flag

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TUFF Muay Thai Shorts

MRS206 TUFF Muay Thai Shorts Retro Style Black Singha Yantra with War Flag

Inspired by the classic-cut shorts from the golden era of Muay Thai in the 80s.

Made of microfiber fabric. Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry. 100% handmade in Thailand.

Shorts should be hand washed cold and drip-dried for maximum longevity.

The improved pattern gives the shorts more flexibility and mobile with nicer fitting.

Singha is a Thai mythical creature in the form of a lion. It is regarded as the king of the jungle and is the symbol of power, strength, courage, and leadership. The war flag compliments the characteristics of Singha even more. The shorts reflect the Thai culture wonderfully with the word “Muay Thai” in Thai-style font.


  • Made of microfiber fabric
  • Lightweight, sweat-free, and quick dry
  • Retro classic-cut shorts
  • Handmade in Thailand

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