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Tatami Bjj Rash Guard Head Hunter Eco Tech Recycled Long Sleeve Jiu Jitsu

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As part of an increased commitment to helping the environment and creating more

sustainable products, we bring you the Tatami Fightwear Eco Friendly No Gi Range

– including the Head Hunter rash guard.

The Head Hunter design, from the artist 47Kills, features red long sleeves and a

large front and back design of a blazing skull protruding into a wolves head. A

striking and fearsome design that’s perfect for the mats.

In line with a desire to create more sustainable products, the Head Hunter rash

guard is also part of our Eco Tech range.

This means that these products are made using a material that consists of a high

percentage of RPET Filament Yarns. This Yarn is GRS (Global Recycle Standard)


What is RPET?

Recycled Pet Fabric (RPET) is a new type of green, eco-friendly fabric made from

yarn of recycled PET bottles. A ton of regenerated RPET yarn equals to 67,000

plastic bottles, a reduction of 4.2 tonnes of C02, a saving of 0.0364 tonnes of

petroleum or a saving of 6.2 tonnes of water. It goes without saying that the

increased use of RPET could have a great impact on the environment.

The raw RPET filament yarn has a wide variety of uses and can be made into

things such as sport clothing material, which has inspired our design and

creation of the Balance Rash Guard. This rash guard is made from 85% RPET

Polyester and 15% Spandex, weighing in at 210 GSM. This allows the rash guard to

be pulled and stressed, as expected in Jiu Jitsu, while still being durable, as

well as maximise fit and comfort.

As well as the product itself, we also package the item in a polybag using

biodegradable plastic.

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