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Talbot Torro Hit 750 Natural Badminton Shuttlecocks Tube of 12

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SKU: M479086
Full Product Description The HIT 750 is the classic in the Talbot-Torro range of
shuttlecocks and offers a very attractive price/performance ratio. Compared to
shuttlecocks with a nylon basket, the feeling of play with real natural
shuttlecocks is much more natural and lively and the general flight
characteristics are also convincing. Naturally, real natural shuttlecocks are to
be treated more carefully than synthetic balls in order not to reduce the
durability through improper use, but the fun in general cannot be beat. The HIT
750 is suitable for leisure use as well as for training for associations and
racket and is therefore the ideal choice for everyone who wants to play/train
with a real ball made of natural feathers without having to spend a fortune on
it. The balls can be stored gently and space-saving in the practical 12-piece
can. * Attractive price/performance ratio * Suitable for leisure use as well as
for training for associations * Real natural feathered shuttlecocks PRODUCT
DETAILS: * Code: M479086 * Brand: Talbot-Torro * Colour: * Dimensions: 39cm (L)
x 6.8cm (W) x 6.8cm (H)

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