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Talbot Torro Fighter Plus Badminton Racket

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SKU: M429808
Full Product Description The Fighter Plus racket is the well-known leisure model
made of hardened steel with a light aluminum head and is therefore 20g lighter
than a steel-steel racket like the Attacker. This makes it handier and easier to
play. This racket also has a lot to offer technologically:Airflex grip system
(the shaft is not glued directly to the grip but is in a soft, transparent PU
tube, which increases flexibility and thus power and at the same time reduces
vibrations); Isometric head for bigger sweet spot and forgiving game. Ideal for
casual gamers, schools and recreational facilities. The racket is equipped with
a durable, high-quality 0.8mm string and offers an excellent price/performance
ratio. Head made of hardened lightweight aluminum and shaft made of hardened
steel, completely closed T-piece (no bending possible), eyelets, durable grip
tape. * Ideal for casual gamers, schools & recreational facilities * Racket has
a lot to offer technologically * High-quality 0.8mm string PRODUCT DETAILS: *
Code: M429808 * Brand: Talbot-Torro * Colour: Blue * Dimensions: 66.5cm (L) x
19.8cm (W) x 3cm (H)

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