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Talbot Torro ELI Junior Badminton Racket

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SKU: M419613

Full Product Description The ELI Junior is the middle racket of the ELI series

by Talbot-Torro (suitable for players from about 6-8 years old). It has a drop-shaped head that shifts the sweet spot to the upper end of the club head. As a result, the racket compensates for the coordination deficits eye-arm of children. Children usually react a little too late and meet with a classic, normal racket off-center and not in sweetsport. The ELI Mini now compensates for this and despite a belated reaction, the ball is hit in the sweet spot. Due to the shortened shaft, the racket (only 58cm) is nicely handy for the little ones, lighter and ground contact is avoided. The special learning handle is oval and is therefore unpleasant in the hand with wrong racket posture (so-called frying pan posture). In addition, all ELI racket are equipped with an innovative grip band concept, which shows the student the correct finger position for forehand and backhand with the help of colour markings (self-control). The different colouring of the two sides of the racket also allows the trainer or teacher to control the racket posture from the outside (external control). * Suitable for players from about 6-8 years old * Racket only 58cm long, which is handy for juniors * ELI concept, which is specially tailored to children & beginners PRODUCT DETAILS: * Code: M419613 * Brand: Talbot-Torro * Colour: Yellow/Blue * Dimensions: 58cm (L) x 21cm (W) x 2.5cm (H)

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