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Talbot Torro

Talbot Torro ELI Badminton Shuttlecock - tube of 6

Talbot Torro ELI Badminton Shuttlecock - tube of 6

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Robust, durable nylon shuttlecock for school sports and training/playing with children and adolescents. Very good flight characteristics, pure nylon material (supple, does not tear or break so quickly), foamed head which is also very robust and which can also be stepped on (cork heads break in this case). Can of 6, white plumage, medium speed (blue). This shuttlecock is part of the ELI concept from Talbot-Torro. With the Easy Learning Initiative (ELI), Talbot-Torro promotes the next generation at an early stage. The concept was developed in Germany in close cooperation with the former badminton competitive athlete and later German national coach Holger Hasse. In addition to the shuttlecock, 4 different children's and junior badminton learning rackets are part of the overall concept with very special technologies for easier learning to play badminton (learning grip with markings for correct racket posture, drop-head, shortened shafts). The ELI concept is the further development and further improvement of the popular BISI series from Talbot-Torro.

  • Robust, durable nylon shuttlecock
  • Shuttlecock is part of the ELI (Easy Learning Initiative) concept
  • Medium speed


  • Code: M469382
  • Brand: Talbot-Torro
  • Colour: Blue
  • Box Dimensions: 23.7cm (L) x 7.4cm (W) x 7.4cm (H)
  • Material: Nylon Shuttlecock with Foam Base
  • Weight: 330g box weight

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