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Safejawz Mouth Guard Gum Shield Boxing MMA Rugby Fangz MO Ogre Shark Viper

Safejawz Mouth Guard Gum Shield Boxing MMA Rugby Fangz MO Ogre Shark Viper

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SAFEJAWZ® 'Fangz' Mouthguard - Protection with Personality. The revolutionary

new sports mouthguard that through all of its advanced product features, boasts

a very comfortable fit and optimum protection for ALL sports.Its Fluid
Fit™ Technology means that SAFEJAWZ® guards feature a super-slim

profile and great retentive qualities. The guard will essentially clip onto the

teeth & fit comfortably so that breathing, talking and drinking will not be a

problem.Jaw Secure™ also offers protection to the jaw and lower teeth. The

base and raised impact pads on the bottom of the product act as a buffer to

prevent damage from impact to the lower jaw.There’s no struggling to get a
perfect fit with SAFEJAWZ®. Remodel Tech™ ensures

you can have multiple attempts to achieve the game-changing fit that we as so

proud of.Last but not least, the SAFEJAWZ® Extro Series all feature an awesome
design on

the front. Athletes are trying more and more to stand out from their peers and

find new ways to show their personality as they perform. SAFEJAWZ® gives wearers

that freedom - Protection with Personality.We do not guarantee that this product
will prevent injury during it´s use. It

has been designed to minimise the potential of serious injury. View full

conditions and details about the process here.We back ourselves. Not happy with
your fit? Get in touch and ask about our

perfect fit guarantee. We´ll resolve the problem, send you a replacement, or

give you your money back. Easy.Size Information: Senior (Ages 12+), Junior (Up

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