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Rival Boxing

Rival Boxing Weighted Resistance Band

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The Rival Weighted Resistance Band is an essential addition to our fitness line.

As training methods are constantly evolving, this product is a must-have for

your strength and conditioning workouts. It’s easy to carry and can be

hooked around any sturdy door handle.This versatile Weighted Resistance Band provides a variety of exercise benefits:

Increased speed, muscle endurance and muscle memory. It can be used for specific

shadowboxing, for warmup or end-of-training routines, and is also excellent for

recovery drills and low impact training.

* Rubberized Foam Handles;

* Removable Weighted Ends (2.25lb/1kg);

* Removable elastic band;

* PVC Buckles;

* Polypropylene Straps;

* 70" from handle to handle (without tension).

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