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Rival Boxing Pro Series Universal Heavy Punch Bag 60LB/27KG

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Simply put, the greatest evolution in a heavy bag.

The shape of the large "Universal" bag, but designed to be the perfect “Headhunter” bag.

You will never have more fun and practice more defence than with this beauty.

Be sure to check out our video link to give you a little insight into the incredible versatility of this bag.


  • Perfectly balanced;

  • Superb Density Throughout the Bag;

  • No Hard Spots… ANYWHERE;

  • Light yet Extremely Resistant;

  • Made of Indestructible T.A.R.P. Technology;

  • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA.


  • Diameter: 18.5" (47cm)

  • Height: 28" (71cm)

  • Circumference: Top: 44" (112cm) / Bottom: 58" (147cm)


  • Approx. 60lb (27kg)

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