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Rival Boxing Intelli Shock Knuckle Guards

Rival Boxing Intelli Shock Knuckle Guards

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Designed for boxers of all levels, the Rival Intelli-Shock Knuckle Guards offer

a half-inch-thick layer of highly protective D3O shock-absorption foam wrapped

in a breathable neoprene shell. This flexible material contours to the shape of

your hand, allowing you to make a natural fist, while preventing damage to the

knuckles by reducing impact. Easily slip these onto your hand wraps before

wrapping and enjoy the superior protection of D3O while you train.


Half an Inch of D3O Shock-Absorption Foam

Breathable, Neoprene Shell

Printed Rival Graphics

DIMENSIONS4.5" x 2.5" x 0.5" (11.43cm x 6.35cm x 1.27cm)

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