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Rival Boxing

Rival Boxing Gloves RFX-Guerrero V Bag Gloves - SF-F - Blue Red

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From the feedback we’ve received, we believe we have succeeded in producing
simply the best, most comfortable and certainly the most power-transmitting
boxing glove on the market today.

The Guerrero glove is a traditional “Mexican-Style” pro boxing glove which we
have adapted for bag use

A great fit, with a firm, solid, hard feel, this is definitely considered a
"punchers glove".

The RFX Bag Glove with V-Strap is available in two popular models. The SF-F and
the HDE-F. The difference between the two is the foam we use to laminate to the



• On the SF-F version, we use a soft, simple, polyurethane foam giving this
model glove a soft, "broken-in" feel.

• On the HDE-F model, the leather is laminated with a high density EVAgiving
this glove a stiffer, firmer feel with the accent on power and protection.

As well, we integrated our innovative and unique Hook & Loop "V" Strap for speed
and ease of fitting for your Bag and Pad Work.

These gloves have been highly endorsed by some of boxing's best!

We are more than confident that you will love the custom fit, the protection and
most importantly the transmission of power that this glove can create.

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