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Rival Boxing

Rival Boxing Gloves Fresh Deodoriser No Stink Smell Gloves

Rival Boxing Gloves Fresh Deodoriser No Stink Smell Gloves

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Filled with the amazing absorbency power of activated bamboo charcoal, the Rival

Deodorizing Pouches help dry out any moisture from your equipment in between sessions to keep them smelling fresh and free of any lingering odours. Bamboo charcoal's highly-porous structure offers ten times more surface area and is four times more absorbent than regular charcoal. Environmentally sustainable and free of toxins, it's equipped with countless tiny holes that efficiently absorb odours, moisture and air pollutants like ammonia, benzene and formaldehyde, among others.An elastic strap with hook and loop attachments keeps the pouches connected for easy carrying, while also allowing you to separate them if need be when packing your gear into your gym bag.Slip the convenient, lavender-scented pouches into your gloves, shoes, headgear or any other equipment when you’re done training and let them do the work — You will notice the long-lasting freshness the next time you train!


Activated Bamboo Charcoal Filling * Fresh Lavender Scent * Flannel Pouches * Connector Strap With Hook & Loop Attachments * Printed Rival Graphics

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