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Rival Boxing

Rival Boxing Exercise Ab Wheel Gym Training

Rival Boxing Exercise Ab Wheel Gym Training

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The Rival Exercise Wheel is a core addition to our fitness line. Robust and easy

to use, this tool is great for home or gym workouts.

To be implemented as part of your training routine, as an activation drill or at

the end of your workout, the Rival Exercise Wheel allows you to strengthen your

abs and improve your core resistance.

It also offers an innovative braking option, which makes it easier for beginners

to use, and to progressively increase the level of difficulty.

* Innovative Brake Option;

* Rubberized Foam Handles;

* 14" length;

* 6.5" diameter wheel;

* Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam Tire;

* Printed Rival logo around the base of the handle;

* Includes a foam pad for kneeling.


While kneeling, grip the handles of the exercise wheel and place the tire on the

ground in front of you.

Extend your arms forward, rolling the wheel as far away as possible while

maintaining a "hollow body" position, then roll the wheel back in towards your

body. Continue to move the wheel back and forth this way.

Start off slowly, without pushing too far. Begin by making small gains and

improving your ability to perform the movement correctly before increasing the

number of reps and volume.

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