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PowerGlide Telescopic Snooker Cue Extension

PowerGlide Telescopic Snooker Cue Extension

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This screw on extension is designed to fit the PowerGlide 'butt end joint' for

the cues listed below. The extension is constructed of aluminium and ABS plastic

and can be extended by pulling the end away from the cue, and then quickly

locked at any position required by gently twisting the blue collar. The

extension measures 11” in length, but can extend the length of the cue any

amount between 12” and 16”. The male joint on the extension will fit directly

into the female 'butt end joint' of the cues below. The PowerGlide 'Quick

Action' joint enables players to secure the extension to the cue or shaft

precisely and quickly. This telescopic extension is used by most of today's

professional players.Length: 

11" (28cm) - plus 2cm for the protruding male joint

Extended length: 

15" (37.5cm) - but can be locked at any position between 11" and 15"


Male ' Quick Action' joint


Aluminium and ABS Plastic

Suitable for Cues: 

Diamond Red, Diamond Blue, Status, Diplomat,Executive, Statesman, Viscount

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