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PAYNTR Cricket Shoes XPF-P6 Bowling Spike

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The new XPF-P6 Bowling Spike is the ultimate bowling shoe and has been designed specifically with the fast bowlers in mind. Based on a running last to provide a superior fit and feel, elements are fused together for increased stability and strength to provide a more powerful performance.


A firmer compression-moulded EVA midsole and a fully welded PU upper with foamed support in the forefoot provide extra stability and comfort. An oversized heel counter locks your foot in position through every phase of bowling action to ensure you stay at peak performance throughout your spell.


  • Inlay: anti-slip resistant lined insole grips your foot in place to maximise your performance while reducing impact and stress on joints.

  • Midsole: Compression-moulded EVA for ultra lightweight cushioning.

  • Outsole: A re-enforced 7/4 spike formation outsole plate with 2mm high TPU lugs across the centre of the outsole reducing force through the foot while landing, with 5mm lugs around perimeter of the outsole enhance grip and traction in delivery stride

  • Upper: Fully welded PU upper with foamed support in the forefoot and oversized heel counter to lock your foot in position for extra stability and comfort.

  • 30mm Velcro strap strategically positioned to lock down the foot and hold in place while at full speed

  • Water wicking material to keep your feet dry. - Built on a runner’s specific last to provide a superior fit and feel.

  • Topline collar cut to mid height for extra ankle support without restricting your movements.

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