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Molten Blazza - Black whistle

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SKU: RA0040-KS-E
  • Designed specifically to suit the professional basketball referee and indoor court.
  • Produces a thick, clear-cut high dual-pitched frequency tone.
  • Titanium mouthpiece frame with elastomer cover to provide a soft resilient surface with superior durability against cracking.
  • 125dB/10cm 4.10kHz & 3.74kHz.


The whistle is the only way for a referee to express his/her determination and an important tool to ensure the flow of the game is as smooth as possible. When a referee blows the whistle, their aim is to throw sound, to reach all corners of the arena at equal volume.  The result is to accurately convey their intentions to all players and spectators.

A sound achieved through the best technology

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