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Koolpak Koolbead Hot & Cold Pack 17 x 28cm - Boxing, Cornerman. Bruise, Headache

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Koolpak Koolbead Hot & Cold Pack 17 x 28cmThe KoolBead Reusable Hot & Cold Pack has a flexible gel bead technology which

distributes the hot or cold temperature evenly to the injured area. Its

ultra-soft velour backing provides superior patient comfort.


Perfect to be used for either hot or cold therapy


Great for treating soft tissue injuries


Flexible gel bead technology conforms to the body and distributes the

temperature evenly to the injured area


Use cold to reduce swelling, bruising and pain


When heated the pack is the perfect solution to relax stiff muscles and

encourage blood flow to aid with healing


Ultra-soft fabric backing for patient comfort


Reusable pack delivers up to 20 minutes soothing relief

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