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KMA Karate Suit - Japanese Cut Heavyweight Gi 13oz 100% Cotton Adult

KMA Karate Suit - Japanese Cut Heavyweight Gi 13oz 100% Cotton Adult

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Are you looking for that super traditional look and feeling your Gi? Look no

more! Our KMA Karate Japanese Cut Heavyweight Gi are made from a lovely soft

100% cotton canvas. This is probably as close as you can get without travelling

to Japan and finding a tailor to custom make one for you. Finally you can have a Gi you’ll love wearing and will constantly have jealous eyes from you training partners.None of this stiff cardboard heavyweight Gi nonsense, these Japanese Cut Karate Gi are made from a lovely soft 100% cotton canvas. It’s has all the features you’d expect from a top end Gi. a lovely roomy feel. A great snap with punches and kicks, triple stitched for strength and even seven rows of stitching in some places. The Classic short arms and legs and the long body offer such a great look. * For the serious practitioner, traditional stitching ensures excellent snap in every technique, while the comfortable Japanese style cut provides the wearer with shorter length sleeves and trouser legs for an even greater range of movement * Heavyweight Karate Gi comes with jacket and trousers only, no belt included * Traditional drawstring waistband * Ranging from sizes 140cm-210cm * Size charts measured in CMADULTS JAPANESE HEAVYWEIGHT GI SIZINGThe Japanese Cut Karate Gi sizes are based on height of the person. For instance a 3/160 is based on someone of a average build who is 160cm in height. You will get a bit of shrinkage from the 100% cotton fabric mix but the sizes are quite generous so you don’t really account for that when choosing your size.

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