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Karakal 150 FF Racketball Racket - Racquetball

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Combining excellent striking power, great ball speed and enhanced control, the

Karakal 150 FF racketball racket ensures pleasurable style of racketball for

players with slower stroke, and by providing excellent impact / noise

attenuation with Nano Gel technology used in the frame design. Additionally, the

racquet is evenly balanced and uses Fast Fibre to achieve increased energy

transfer for even more power on each stroke. This mid-plus head sized racquet is

the lightest in the range at 150g (5.3oz), and it is supplied strung with Nano

Spiral string in a 14x20 string pattern for added playability and spin.

Furthermore, the racket is supplied with a full-length cover to ensure proper

protection and storing method between games and practice.

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