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Fitness Mad

Fitness Mad Deluxe Doorway Gym Bar Exercise Fitness Gym

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Turn your door frame into a workstation with our deluxe doorway gym. Use the bar
high in the doorframe for pull ups, crunches and chin ups or, at the bottom of
the door frame for sit ups and an abdominal workout. Double action opening makes
the door gym quick to set up and the large non-marking pads ensure a secure grip
and prevent damage to the door frame. Foam grips add extra comfort. Includes
support brackets and basic exercise guide.


* Maximum user weight 100kg.

* Suitable for door widths from 63cm to 100cm with a door jam of at least 6cm.

* Not suitable for door frames made of soft wood, door frames in Stud
(Plasterboard) walls or door adjacent to a window frame.

* Not warranted for commercial use

* Only to be used in conjunction with brackets supplied. Bar must be tightened
firmly within brackets before exercising. 

* The brackets must be attached to the door frame with screws provided.

* Warning - never use for exercising upside down.

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