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Fitness Mad

Fitness Mad Chip Foam Half Yoga Block Gym Workout Studio

Fitness Mad Chip Foam Half Yoga Block Gym Workout Studio

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This Yoga-Mad 1" recycled chip foam yoga block is ideal for providing extra
cushioning, extra height and aiding alignment during your yoga practice for
postures such as; forward folds, inversions or arm balances. Yoga blocks are
perfect for both beginners and advanced students as they help to aid good
alignment in postures which your flexibility and strength might not be quite
ready for yet but so you can still experience the pose without risking injury.
These thinner 1" blocks are perfect for adding to or reducing height for
fine-tuning the asana to your practice level. These blocks are made from
recycled chip foam so the colour can vary from batch to batch. Please note -
these blocks are not as dense as our EVA foam blocks and in comparison have a
softer/squishier feel to them. If you're looking for a firm block we recommend
our Half EVA foam blocks.


* Help to aid alignment in yoga poses

* Softer support than EVA foam blocks

* Made from recycled chip foam

* Ideal for Iyengar/Yin/Restorative yoga styles

* Dimensions - 30.5cm x 20.5cm x 25mm

Note - This product is made from recycled chip foam and colours can vary from
batch to batch, therefore they may vary from colours shown.

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