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Donic Schildkroet Table Tennis Legends 700 FSC Paddle

Donic Schildkroet Table Tennis Legends 700 FSC Paddle

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The "Legends 700 FSC" by Donic-Schildkroet is a very pleasant racket from this
trend-setting racket series. This model Level 700 offers the ambitious amateur
athlete and the regular hobby player a good wood and grip quality, the
ITTF-approved avant-garde rubber from Schildkroet offers a good grip for
reliable transfer of playing techniques (eg. spin) to the ball. The 2.0mm thick
sponge located on the top and the wood generates a high level of power, faster
ball speeds with the same amount of force are the advantage over a thinner and
therefore inexpensive sponge that can be produced. The ERGO handle with a
rounded, flowing transition from the handle to the racket face lies much better
in the hand than classic racket and avoids pressure points on the index finger.
This technology, which is established in competitive sports, is now being used
in the field of complete leisure rackets and also enables the quickest possible
change of grip from forehand to backhand (and vice versa), a clear plus point
for fast table tennis duels. The racket is also equipped with the AVS (Anti
Vibration System) handle. 2 blue PU foam inserts under each of the two handle
shells significantly reduce vibrations and impact shock and enable less fatigue
to play. The new Legends Line from Donic-Schildkroet is dedicated to the table
tennis legends Jan-Ove Waldner, Joergen Persson and Steffen "Speedy" Fetzner,
who together have numerous international titles and successes. As a leading
table tennis manufacturer, Donic-Schildkroet relies on responsible production.
Certified wood from the organisation FSCTM (Forest Stewarship CouncilTM) is used
in the production of racket in this product line. FSCTM is an independent,
non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose aim is to promote
environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable management
of forests worldwide.

* Offers the ambitious amateur athlete and the regular hobby player a good wood
& grip quality

* Handle to the racket avoids pressure points on the index finger

* Equipped with AVS (Anti Vibration System) handle


* Code: M734417

* Brand: Donic-Schildkroet

* Colour: Black/Blue

* Dimensions: 26cm (L) x 14.8cm (W) x 2.2cm (H)

* Material: Blade:FSC Poplar (China) Handle:Birch (Latvia)

* Weight:165g


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