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Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes Boxing Sparring Gloves - Black

Cleto Reyes Boxing Sparring Gloves - Black

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Authentic Cleto Reyes Velcro sparring gloves are handmade in Mexico, from thehighest quality materials. One of the most popular Reyes gloves design andcolour, featuring a leather velcro wrap-around closure for comfort. Easy to puton and take off.With innovative design, The Reyes black sparring gloves feature attached thumbsto prevent eye or thumbs injuries and sprains.The Reyes gloves have been chosen and loved by WBC World Championships since1945. Boxers like Muhammad Ali and Manny Pacquiao have used Cleto Reyes tobecome world championships.* Features water-repellant lining to prevent moisture

from entering the glovesand long-lasting foam padding for extra support with every punch.* Leather wrap around wrist closure sparring gloves* The Cleto Reyes training gloves with velcro closure have the manufacturerguarantee performance and reliable wrist support for a safe workout orsparring session.* Train with confidence, knowing you are using the best boxing brand on themarket made with high-quality design and materials.

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