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Butterfly Table Tennis Amicus Advance Robot

Butterfly Table Tennis Amicus Advance Robot

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Amicus Advance

The new AMICUS EXPERT combines the skills of both predecessors ADVANCE and PROFESSIONAL. With 99 memory slots, up to seven individual balls per exercise and precise control over trajectory, placement, speed and spin of each ball. Automatic adjustable delay between each ball to create exercises based on real game situations – even with serve! Offers 20 pre-installed exercises created by Butterfly coach Richard Prause for you to start training on the highest level as well as a remote control for Start/Stop, sampling balls and adjusting ball frequency. 

FEATURES INCLUDE: Ball frequency of up to 120 balls per minute. Spin, speed, trajectory, and placement can vary from ball to ball. Stores up to 99 drills of up to 7 balls each. Pre-programmed with 20 drills. Pre-programmed drills can be modified or replaced. Sample function lets you test individual balls within a drill. Cycle function lets you easily incorporate interval training in your table tennis practice sessions. Automatic Frequency Control to provide a most realistic timing between shots in a drill. Connected with help of an easy and secure thin cable. Key-fob-like remote control (small, lightweight and easy to fit in pocket).  


Includes Transport bag.


Covered by 2-year warranty and 5-year parts availability.


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