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Blitz Wrist Weights

Blitz Wrist Weights

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Designed to add extra weight to your workout, the Blitz Wrist Weights enhance bodyweight movements, to tone and strengthen upper body muscles, for more challenging training sessions. Place your thumb in the loop and adjust the Velcro fastening for a secure and comfortable fit. Whether it is walking, running, punching or jumping, these wrist weights provide additional resistance to your daily workout. The perfect training accessory for building muscle, burning fat and strengthening your core. Made from a soft neoprene with a weighted filling. Sold as a pair.

Designed to add extra weight to your workout

  • For muscle building, fat burning and core strength
  • Tone and strengthen your upper body
  • Thumb loop and adjustable Velcro fastening
  • Soft neoprene with a weighted filling

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