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Blitz Rubber Knuckle Knife

Blitz Rubber Knuckle Knife

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Ideal for solo practice, training drills, disarm drills and demonstrations, the Blitz Rubber Knuckle Knife has been carefully designed from a soft rubber to look as realistic as possible; whilst, reducing the level of injury to you, your training partner or other equipment during this type of practice.

The key feature of this knife is the spiked knuckle guard which, is intended to protect the fingers and add force to a strike during hand-to-hand combat. The solid handle also provides a firm grip, preventing the knife from being dropped during combat. The blade stands rigid enough to look menacing, yet is forgiving enough upon impact, to unreservedly perfect your skills without fear of any serious injuries. All rubber construction, that's easy to wipe clean before and after use. Dimensions: 14.5cm blade and 6cm handle (6.5cm widest point on handle). Total length: 30.5cm. 100g.

  • For disarm drills and demonstrations
  • Designed to look as realistic as possible
  • Spiked knuckle guard for hand-to-hand combat
  • Rubber construction without the fear of injury
  • Dimensions: 14.5cm blade and 16cm handle / 100g

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