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Blitz Reversible Jigsaw Mat Kit

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Reversible, two colour interlocking design. Heavy duty, Easy to clean material. Textured micro-grid pattern. 20mm thickness. 1m x 1m. Each mat is provided with one piece four sided edging strip. Designed to have the ability to change your overall floor 'fight space' layout by simply reversing the mats to switch colours. Triple Layer EVA foam, that's easy to wipe clean before and after use. Hardness: 38 (Shore C). Density: 90kg/m3. CE approved. Conforms to EU safety requirements EN 71-1:2011 including EU Flammability Classification EN 71-2:2011 and Chemical Testing Classification EN 71-3:2013. This kit comes as a pack of 9 mats per carton. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean the surface of these mats. Doing so will void its warranty.
  • Reversible, two colour interlocking design

  • Heavy duty, easy to clean material

  • 20mm thickness

  • Each mat comes with four sided edging strip

  • This kit comes as a pack of 9 mats per carton

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