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Blitz Muay Thai Prajioud Armband

Blitz Muay Thai Prajioud Armband

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The Prajioud, or braided armband, is traditionally worn before and after a fight by professional Muay Thai practitioners. The Prajioud carries a symbolic significance of good luck, protection and courage. Nowadays, some clubs use the Prajioud to grade and rank their students (similar to that in Karate or Taekwondo), giving athletes a boost in confidence. Can be worn on one or both arms. 75cm long from end to end. Made from Polycotton. Sold singularly.

  • Braided Muay Thai armband
  • Traditionally worn before and after a fight
  • Can be used to grade or rank students
  • 75cm long (end to end)
  • Sold singularly

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