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Blitz Hi-Density Yoga Block

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Made from a high density EVA foam, the Blitz Yoga Block is a strong and durable 'brick' ideal for holding up against the most demanding poses. From simple, beginners' poses, to an advanced practitioner’s most testing pose, this Yoga Block allows you to vary your workout to deepen and elongate your stretches during exercises.

With a non-slip surface for extra grip, the Yoga Block is a necessary accessory to provide support and stability and, to free your body from stress and pain. Dimensions: 22.7cm wide x 14.7cm high x 7.5cm depth.
  • For all practitioner skill levels

  • Provides support and stability during poses

  • Non-slip surface for extra grip

  • High density EVA foam

  • Dimensions: 22.7cm x 14.7cm x 7.5cm

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