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Blitz Havoc Thai Pads

Blitz Havoc Thai Pads

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Constructed from Nama Hide™ Leather. Includes two Velcro adjustable straps for precise fit and stability. Each strap is padded, double stitched and reinforced onto the main body for longevity. A soft panel to the rear reduces abrasion. Curved face to absorb powerful blows, perfect for explosive kicks, knees, elbows, hooks and upper cuts. Ideal for coaching and developing a fighter's skill. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Front panel: 35cm by 19cm and 8.5cm in depth. Sold in pairs.

  • Made from Nama Hide™ Leather

  • Curved face to absorb powerful blows

  • Two Velcro adjustable straps

  • Ideal for coaching and developing a fighters skill

  • Dimensions: 35cm x 19cm x 8.5cm

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