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Blitz Classic Inner Gloves

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The Blitz Classic Inner Gloves are a convenient alternative to hand wraps when being worn under bag gloves or Boxing gloves. This inner glove is designed to put a barrier between your hand and the glove to help protect your skin, and reduce skin abrasions, cuts and blisters, when striking or defending.

Easy to slip on, these fingerless gloves feature separate finger and thumb slots, with a soft towelling inner offering a comfortable feel and fit. Sold in pairs, the inner gloves are perfect for keeping your gloves fresh and clean, as well as being ideal for clubs that share gloves between students too.
  • Can be worn under bag and Boxing gloves

  • Protects your skin and reduces abrasions

  • Features separate finger and thumb slots

  • Towelling inner ensures a comfortable fit

  • Keeps gloves fresh and clean for longer

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