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Blitz Apex Circular Strike Shield

Blitz Apex Circular Strike Shield

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Designed for speed work, tight movements and accurate strikes, the Blitz Apex Circular Strike Shield is constructed to withstand the most powerful blows during countless training sessions. The two solid, conveniently placed, handles either side of the shield offers a secure hold whilst, allowing the holder to position themselves in a variety of tight angles. The perfect strike shield for a number of techniques and styles to be practiced, the circular target demands fast and precise punches or kicks from the striker. The high density foam core also provides the ultimate shock absorption, minimising the force felt by the holder. Easy to wipe clean before and after use. Nama Hide™ leather. Dimensions: 38cm high x 38cm wide x 8cm depth.

  • For speed work and tight movements

  • Demands fast and precise punches and kicks

  • Two solid handles either side of shield

  • Dimensions: 38cm high x 38cm wide x 8cm depth

  • Nama Hide™ leather covers a high density foam core

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