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Adidas Wrestling Kids Boots Tech Fall 2.0K Black/White

Adidas Wrestling Kids Boots Tech Fall 2.0K Black/White

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Dominate your rivals in these adidas Tech Fall 2.0 wrestling shoes. Theirbreathable mesh upper includes inner reinforcements that will support youwithout weighing you down. The rubber outsole offers consistent floor contact tokeep you in control. The tongue extends right down to the forefoot to dial upthe comfort. Easily secure the fit all the way down the feet, with a securelacing system, which will feel extremely comfortable and personalised.Breathable

Mesh UpperThe upper of the Tech Fall 2.0 is made from a mesh fabric which allows

the shoefull breathability. It does this by allowing cool air to flow through into theshoe at the same time as releasing warm air, therefore creating a coolenvironment for the foot and keeping the wearer feeling comfortable andconfident as they train. Inner reinforcements have been strategically placedacross the midfoot area of the shoe to hold the foot securely in place for asnug and supportive fit.Cushioning Midsole and One Piece OutsoleAn insole helps

to improve cushioning and comfort in the midsole area. This isimportant to add comfort to your performance as you can rely on your shoe tomaintain balance and improve your footing on the mat.Remain in contact with the

mat thanks to the one-piece outsole. The outsoleprovides optimal grip and sure footing on the mat, and give a full, unrestrictedrange of motion in each direction so you don't become rooted to the spot andbecome an easy target for your opponent. Having a flexible outsole helps you tobecome more mobile and enhances agility to be in the best position, especiallyin the toughest matches where every possible advantage is crucial.

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